The lectures by the LEB give a comprehensive overview of physics and technology of semiconductor devices.

In addition to the basic lecture Semiconductor Devices, which is offered as an obligatory course in the study programs Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology (EEI) and Mechatronics, the LEB is engaged in the EEI study programs in the specializations Microelectronics, Power Electronics, and General Electrical Engineering.

In the Mechatronics program, the practical course “Mechatronic Systems” is offered by the Chair of Electron Devices in cooperation with other chairs of the departments EEI and Mechanical Engineering. In this course, groups of about 10 students work together to solve a given task. On the one hand, the fundamentals that have been learned are to be applied, on the other hand, the students have the opportunity to explore potential areas of specialization in practice. In addition, the LEB offers a number of modules in the advanced study area Electronic Devices, Circuits, and Systems.

The Chair of Electron Devices is also involved in the academic education in the field of nanotechnology with mandatory modules in the Bachelor and Master program. For example, students have the opportunity to learn about the working methods in a cleanroom as well as different manufacturing steps of integrated circuits in the context of the “Cleanroom and Semiconductor Internship”.